Kim McPhail
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Kim McPhail

Corporate & Leisure Travel Consultant

The travel bug bit me when travelling with my parents and siblings as a young child. From that moment I was interested in what the world had to offer. But how was I to make this happen living out in rural Ontario.

As a student I worked for the Ontario Travel Information Centre's helping people discover Ontario with suggestions of attractions, accommodation, and the different ways to get to where they needed to go. With this job I realized that I loved helping people and also enjoyed creating memorable experiences for them at the same time.
That lead me to my decision to become a travel agent over 30 years ago. During this time there has been a change in how my work is done with all the advancements in technology, but the need to help people, and to make peoples experiences unique and memorable has remained the same.

Over the years I have sent 100's of people to the Caribbean and Mexico. My attention to detail and meeting the requests of clients has always been an important part when providing vacation information.

When it comes to Customer Service I think that this is the key to my success. My clients come back to me because they know I care about their needs. Whether working with families, groups, or couples their requests, or needs are important!

With my years in the travel industry I have had the opportunity to travel by train from Banff to Vancouver on the Rocky Mountaineer, river cruise on the Danube, cruise along the Mediterraniean, plus enjoy the offerings of the wonderful All - Inclusive resorts.

Let me make your next travel adventure a vacation to remember.

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